Learning More about First Solar Stock

As consumers and corporations around the world look for new sources of sustainable energy, many are examining the viability of solar power. At the same time, new entrants in the stock market may want to quickly jump on the train and invest in solar companies. However, it is important to take a look at the market to see the options ahead of you before you make an investment. First Solar stock is one such option for newcomers and market veterans alike to monitor. Learning more about the price and recent performance of First Solar, as well as news surrounding the company, can help you make up your mind on whether or not to buy or sell shares.

About First Solar

First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR), based in Tempe, Arizona, manufactures and sells photovoltaic solar modules with an advanced thin-film semiconductor technology. According to TheStreet, shares in the company are surging following positive news from its fourth quarter earnings report and its announcement that it is planning on starting a new company with SunPower and plans to eventually go public.1

How Is the Stock Performing?

For anyone interested in the stock market and monitoring the performance of various companies, keeping an eye on real-time quotes is a must. Over the last year, First Solar has been trading within a 52-week range of $39.18 and $74.84. As of the middle of March 2015, the stock had a price of $61.43.2 It also had a trailing price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 15.71, and a one-year target price estimate of $63.62 (footnote?) .

With a 52-week low over $20 below the mid-March price, the stock has seen significant bounce back to where it is sitting now. The small growth over the past days and weeks may point to the stock reaching some price resistanc at the current levelse, but there are other factors that have analysts talking about First Solar.

Variables That Will Affect First Solar Stock

Due to its strong fourth quarter earnings report, First Solar stock jumped up over 6.5% at the end of February. TheStreet also reports that earnings per share reached $1.89 during Q4, up from estimates of only 76 cents. When looking at yearly earnings, the figure nearly tripled from the 2013 Q4 report. Moving into the coming months, First Solar’s ability to retain some of the projects on its balance sheet will impact its profit and expense numbers (not sure what this sentence means).

At the same time, it has been reported that Apple has committed $848 million in clean energy from the company’s 2,900-acre California Flats solar project (is this a First Solar project – should be more clear, and footnoted. New opportunities for First Solar will also play a role in whether or not there continues to be a rise in the price of its stock.

Learning more about the state of the stock market and different investments you can make allows you to smartly build your portfolio. It is very challenging to find success investing in the market without having an understanding of what determines a stock’s price and the effects daily business has on it. Get started on the road to improving your financial future, by signing up with the experts at DriveWealth today, and call (510) 772-7444.